Best Earning App For Android in India 2020

Best Earning App For Android in India 2020

Hello Friends In This Article , I Will Be Telling You The Best earning app for android Self And Refer Earning App To Earn Paytm Cash Money Online in 2020. This App is Trusted And Genuine For Long Time Earning. So Today i Gonna Tell You About WINZO GOLD App And This is The Best Earning App For Android.


WinZO is a mobile e-Sports gaming platform in India. It is available in 10 regional languages of India. WinZO Games is operated by TicTok Skill Games Pvt. Ltd.

WinZO is Bharat’s Biggest Esports Social Platform with 12 MM+ users, 35+ Games and over Rs.200 Crore Cash Prizes distributed in just 1 year.

This is The Download Link Of This Best Earning App For Android Called Winzo Gold.


Proof Of My Earnings On This WinZo Gold App

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Most Queries For Winzo Gold

1. Is WinZO app safe ?
WinZO is a disruption in the Indian gaming industry with a unique concept.
Here multiple players become winners in a single Challenge and take home real,
tangible prizes for free. WinZO is trustworthy and our numbers are a proof of that.

2. How does WinZO make money ?
You can easily earn money by playing games on winzo gold like knife games memory mania for easy money and i have earned
a lot on winzo gold by playing these simple games and quiz are even very easy money just by answering some simple questions
and a lot of money for right answer and you can even earn a lot of money by this gaming app.

3. How do I download WinZO games ?
How to Install
a) Download APK.
b) Tap ‘OK’ on the dialouge box that appears.
c) Go to ‘Settings
d) In Security options Enable ‘Unknown Sources‘ to allow installation.
e) Tap ‘OK‘ when asked for confirmation.
f) Tap on ‘INSTALL‘ and you are now ready to Register and Rock on WinZO

4. How do you play WinZO gold ?
Winzo Gold app is available on the Android Platform. On opening the app for the first time, choose your preferred
language and enter your mobile number for OTP verification. Select a challenge of your choice to start playing.
The earning depends on the rank of a user in that challenge.

5. How do I unblock my WinZO account ?
But don’t worry you can get yourself unblocked following few simple steps:
a) Open WinZO click on profile icon.
b) Click on the Settings button,
c) Under Help Desk you can Chat with the customer care representative and clear all your doubts.

Game Formats in This App

WinZO Baazi
WinZO Baazi is a format where users choose a game and can join a group of participants.
Users can compete with each other in real time and winner is announced on basis the highest scorer.




WATCH My Dedicated Video Link For This App 

So Finally i Hope You Like This Post And The Best Earning App For Android in India 2020 is Winzo Gold.

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